February 2013 Message

The purpose of this Club is to:

1. To promote progressive causes in local, state, and national politics

Our Club has an opportunity to express itself through aggressive promotion of our issues and causes. Our causes are nothing extreme to the regular citizen of east county. Our support of workers, our insistence on a clean environment, our desires for equal opportunity… these are all things that every American values. We only need to get out there an speak to citizens in their communities. We have a vast geographic region and we have the unfortunate reality of living in a conservative area of our county. The conservative thinkers are the ones who appear to have the large presence. Although they are the most dominant, their core beliefs are not the most appealing and acceptable to the people of our area. Progressive thinking is a more realistic form for our area.

To promote our causes and our Club, we must extend our influence throughout the east county. We should have a presence at as many events as possible and schedule a few of our own. We must attend government meetings and we must invite our government representatives to speak at our meetings. We must hold them accountable to all citizens and not just those that embrace conservative beliefs.

Karen Marie Otter