March 2013 Message

2. Another of our Club’s missions is to inform the electorate regarding candidates and issues with regular meetings. To that end, our Board is working hard to encourage officeholders to attend our meetings and briefly update our members on the governmental activities within their jurisdictions.

We are painfully aware that we have very few Democratic officeholders in East County. Therefore, we are inviting those who hold nonpartisan offices to speak to our members and provide us with the unique opportunity to converse with those who represent us in our government. After all, they represent all citizens within their districts and should speak with and answer to all of us. Of course, we will provide as much notice as we can so we can prepare our lists of questions and/or concerns.

If you have a favorite representative whom you would like to see at our meeting, let us know. We will do our best to get them to a Club meeting to address our members and to answer our questions.