Mission Statement

The East County Democratic Club (ECDC) of San Diego County seeks to improve people’s lives through political action, by mobilizing the caring power of the regional population it serves. ECDC encourages broad community participation to formulate a platform based on respect, integrity, and transparent communications to ensure excellence in political affairs for all who live in the East County. This includes acting as an inspirational voice to improve and maintain the quality of life and sense of community for all neighborhoods. The ECDC encourages, supports, and elects qualified candidates for public office that represent the core values of ECDC and the Democratic Party. ECDC intends to act as the conscience of those who govern and participate in government.

Principal Objectives

  • Place the needs of the people above the politics of the East County.
  • Develop and maintain open and positive communication between elected officials of East County and the citizens of all area communities.
  • Demand that all elected and appointed officials maintain the highest standards of ethics and carry out their duties with compassion and fiscal responsibility.
  • Actively monitor the tax burden of the citizenry.
  • Promote intelligent business growth while protecting the environment.
  • Offer a forum for vigorous discussion of local affairs and support the concerns of all residents regarding issues that affect their neighborhoods.
  • Educate members of the ECDC club and other citizens about public issues, so that all can make informed decisions.