January 21, Meeting Links and Agenda

Zoom Link to Thursdays Meeting available by 6 PM January 21 (Press Me)

The Thursday January 21, 2021 Meeting Agenda

6:30 early discussion time
Celebration of Inauguration of Joe Biden
Celebration of flipping the Senate
President Joe Biden’s Cabinet– Richard Young
Discussion of the takeover of Capitol
Discussion of punishment of Trump

7:00 formal meeting time
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer’s report

Meeting Speakers…East County Water Issues
Lorenzo Lucero– San Diego CoastKeeper 10 min
Dan McMillan–Helix water district 5 min
Suzanne Till–Padre Dam water district 5 min
TBD –Lakeside water district 5 min

Questions and discussion 10 min

Coronavirus vaccines–Suzanne Hansen 5 min