Save East County Performing Arts Center meeting with the city manager

Subject: [SaveECPAC] Meeting with City Manager, 4:30p 3/18


I am sorry I have not had time nor the foresightedness to arrange a  SaveECPAC meeting in the past several weeks.

After the recent proposed extended lease negotiations with The Rock  Church, I was fortunate to have a meeting with Victor Payan, who has  roots in El Cajon and ECPAC, but who has been running other theaters and  has extensive connections in the entertainment industry. After the  closed-session Rock Church meeting, we have an opportunity to meet with  the City of El Cajon. Victor may be a good choice to manage the theater
or to at least assist in finding a suitable manager.

I set up a meeting with City Manager Doug Williford for 4:30pm next  Tuesday, 3/18. This is an open meeting and you are invited to attend.  Media is also invited. We hope to present a bit of a plan by Victor to the City Manager but due to short notice, the plan will still be in
formative stages until we determine the status of City efforts to reopen the theater.

Let’s meet briefly before this meeting at the tables to the west of city  hall outside the shaded venue at 4pm.

–Ray Lutz