2013 ECDC Year End Message

Dear Fellow Democrats and Americans:

While 2013 has come to an end, 2014 is ahead and full of hope for better days. As I’ve have said on numerous occasions in the past, what’s done is DONE. Just like time, it does not come back. We have to learn from the past, forgive, remember, and move on.

As I’ve also said before, evolution has an interesting way of working and “taking care of business.” That’s what happened in some aspects of political life in our county, in 2013. One example occurred In the City of El Cajon; what the voters could not achieve in the 2012 election, diversity, came about as a result of a sequence of unfortunate events.

The year 2014 is coming in with many gifts. The primary gift is opportunity to get and BE BETTER. One of these opportunities is to pound the pavement in support of representatives with SUBSTANCE, that will move ALL Americans forward, not just some. Another opportunity offered by 2014 is to put to good use all of the knowledge we have acquired from the past and make the future our friend. We live in the land of opportunity, after all.

In 2014, I encourage all of you to be happy, to smile to your fellow humans, to embrace them, and to continue to inform them about the special knowledge you have acquired through your civic actions. I encourage all of you to be less Nero Roman (wars, food, and entertainment) and more Pericles Athenian (peace, knowledge, culture, and democracy).

In closing, I want to thank everyone who participated in our democracy, our Democratic Party, and our Democratic club. I want everyone to continue to work to make East County and the rest of San Diego County, California, and, consequently, our USA the BEST place to live.

Thank you,

Fotios/Frank Tsimboukakis.
ECDC President