April 2013 Message

The East County Democratic Club has six defined purposes listed in our bylaws. For my newsletter message, I would like to expand on one listed purpose each month.

The purpose of this Club is to:
3. To build and maintain a permanent club membership of volunteers looking for ways to support our causes

Our Club has an opportunity to grow exponentially over the next years. With a concerted effort on the part of all members, we can build a great force in East County that wields its power for the good of our communities. We can start by engaging our communities, sharing our successes and leading by example.

We must engage our communities by having a Club presence at events inside and outside of East County. We have a vast geographic area and many opportunities to attend government meetings and local community events. By engaging people in our communities, we have the opportunity to foster camaraderie and develop long-lasting friendships and volunteers for our Club. The smiling faces of our members will attract other Democrats to our group.

When you’re around town, share our successes. Brag to your friends about the development of our Regional Voter Registration Teams. Share information about our candidates and how we work to help them succeed. Liberally distribute our Club’s business cards that have information about our Club meetings. Share our website information. I’ve found that when I start a conversation about Democrats, many people indulge me but it’s a way to get the word out that we actually exist and thrive in East County. Plant the seed and watch it grow.

Being a veteran, I firmly believe in leading by example. Bring a friend to our Club meetings and show them how responsible citizens work to monitor their government. Once your friend sees our can-do attitude, they will return. Someday they may volunteer on a project or even run for office.

Spend an hour with a Regional Voter Registration Team. Brainstorm for fundraising activities, projects that promote the Party and candidate recruitment. We have a great opportunity with nowhere to go but UP!

I have boxes of our Club’s business cards. See me to get a stack. Spread the word about our great East County Democratic Club.