Beginning of Year Message

Dear Democratic Friend,

Having celebrated the year-end holidays, we must return to our work of building a vibrant body politic!  In order to perform this Herculean task, we request that you affiliate or renew your membership in the East County Democratic Club (ECDC).

If you attended our club during the past year, you know that we were extremely active during 2014!  Not only did we participate in our monthly meetings, but we also did the hard work of ensuring that democracy remains alive in our RED areas of San Diego County.   Consider what we did together:

1/  We had fine speakers and programs thought the entire year!   Do you remember the presentation on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) delivered by Dr. Todd Myer from Grossmont College?   Or, if you missed that, do you recall hearing Raymond Lutz, on two hot topics – a/ Who should pay for the decommissioning expenses of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), us or the utility?  b/ Should the City of El Cajon give priority leasing privileges to the Rock Church?  We also heard from our Party Chair Francine Busby and numerous candidates, including Congresswoman Susan Davis, who serves the 53rd Congressional District!  (There were more, but these should suffice to jog your memory.)

2/  We worked as a team to support our endorsed candidates.  We donated to them as a club, and personally, made thousands of phone calls in their behalf for the primary and general elections, and delivered thousands of door hangers, showing the entire Democratic slate relevant to each area of East County.

3/  We attended city council meetings in El Cajon and Santee, to inform elected officials about our opinions on significant subjects.

4/  We participated in San Diego County Democratic Party events, from which we receive our club charter annually.  We also shared in supporting both national and California Democratic Party efforts.

We did a great deal, given that our past president Fotios/Frank Tsimboukakis ran for office while serving as president!

Since we completed these efforts at the end of 2014, we now must turn to our 2015 calendar.  This is our year to expand our club and organize for the 2016 elections.  We need your help to achieve these goals.  So, please use the enclosed envelope to join or rejoin ECDC for 2015!  You may bring the envelope to the meeting on January 15, 2015, or mail it to our post office box.  Thank-you!

In behalf of the entire club,

Bonnie B. Price and Diana Picone, co-presidents