The June Co-President’s Message from John and Bonnie

We need to find a way to help our fellow democratic even though their problem is not in our back yard. We have to work to build unity in our Party and community. We can help other communities to achieve results for the people by our activism and leadership. Local government needs to be watched and call on to do the right thing, and we need to step up.
Our club was opposed to proposition “D” for the city of El Cajon. We had only six volunteers to make calls to our base. Bonnie Price paid for bumper stickers. We didn’t have  enough people to make the calls and walk precincts. Even with this small group of people we were able to get 42% of the voters to vote against proposition “D.” It makes me wonder if “D” would have passed if we could have found twelve volunteers. I called everyone in my precinct and when they answered their phone I was able to get a 99% to vote no on “D.” You don’t have to commit a large amount of time to any project, just commit a reasonable amount of time that you can live with and do some work.

I will be asking you to contribute some effort to our GOTV team to make a difference in the November election. The best definition of getting Democrats to vote and work together is, “it is like herding cats”. However, this herding is very necessary to keep the 1% from stealing the election. Remember the only thing that the 1% doesn’t have is the truth, and they will tell lies in the media repeatedly. They believe that if you hear it enough time you will believe it as the truth. Volunteerism is the only weapon that we have against those lies. We need your support and effort to get the job done.