ECDC President’s Letter to El Cajon

P.O. Box 972
El Cajon, CA 92022-0972

October 30th, 2013

Dear City Council of El Cajon and Residents:

We are blessed to live in the greatest functioning democracy in the world.  As a travelled immigrant and one that has also lived under an authoritarian regime, I can assure you that there is no greener grass on any other side.  All of us should appreciate that.

In our wonderful system, the government is intended to be “… by the people, for the people, and of the people.”  And that same government needs to ensure that all voices are heard and represented. The same government also needs to, while being honest and transparent with its words, be honest and transparent with its actions as well.

Former Mayors Lewis’s words included words that were, regardless of intent, hurtfully inclusive of innocent people. Now that Mr. Lewis has resigned, the present council is tasked not only with the power to fill his position, but to also correct an unfair situation involving representation.

According to the latest United States Census estimate (2012), the city of El Cajon has 101,435 residents.  Of these 51% are females, 57% are Caucasians (This includes a 42% Iraqi Chaldean population that is not counted separately in the U.S. Census.), 28% are Latinos, 6% are African-Americans, and 8% are a mix of different races and ethnicities.  The city council is entirely composed of Caucasian males.  This fails to represent the entire population of El Cajon.  While this failure IS NOT the present council’s fault, it IS the council’s grand opportunity to correct the lack of representation of these other citizens of El Cajon:  The council can fill the vacancy with a capable person from one of these unrepresented groups, who has shown the interest, knowledge, and desire to contribute to the city’s further improvement.

The East County Democratic Club has endorsed two El Cajon Citizens for the open position at city hall.   One is Mr. Ben Kalasho, who barely lost to Councilman McClellan in the last election.  He has attended and participated in nearly every council meeting since the 2012 election.  He is very informed and caring on city issues.  He is a business owner, an ethnic Iraqi, and a young man.

We also support Ms. Vickie Butcher for consideration for the position.  She is experienced in city operations by virtue of her service on the city planning commission. She is known for her charitable work and for being a capable woman leader.  She is an African-American and a long time resident of El Cajon.

In closing, ECDC thanks the El Cajon City Council for consideration of our endorsed candidates in deciding Mr. Lewis’s replacement.


Frank Tsimboukakis
President of East County Democratic Club.