The December & January Co-President’s Message from John and Bonnie

As Democrats and progressives we have our work cut out for us. This is a critical time in our history when many of our elected senators, congressmen and even our President have strayed from our core beliefs. They have fallen for the one percent who is the big money donor. They only need us to vote for them at election time and accept whatever they do for the rest of their term in office. With big money, they can produce a message full of lies and half-truths that will make us believe that they are doing the right thing for us, to get our vote. Those politicians will do anything to get re-elected to hold on to the power and prestige that are afforded to that office. We have Democrats, who are willing to destroy social security and medicare just to continue getting campaign money from the One Percent. I know how difficult it is to raise campaign funds to get your message out. I have been a candidate more than once. Without money, you cannot print flyers, advertise or send out mailers. Preparing signs and getting them out is another big campaign expense and the expense list goes on and on. So as Democrats and progressives of the 99% we do not have unlimited funds to give to good candidates. However, we can contribute more in many ways that don’t require large cash donations. We can give a small donation and volunteer to help to get good candidates elected. We can volunteer to walk precincts, hand out flyers, put up yard signs, send out postcards to a neighbor, and print out flyers on your own printer. Furthermore, you can become a campaign manager by taking campaign classes. Every candidate needs a campaign manager to guide them throughout the campaign. And finally, we can work with our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) team to inform Democrats and Decline To State voters of the best candidates and issues, so that they can make informed voting decisions. Building a strong precinct network to work with Democrats will yield benefits for many years to come. We have to find a way to become united and throw out the non believers. This could be a good starting point to take back our country from the One Percent.. JAM