The June 2011 Co-Presidents Message, Bonnie & John

We can’t trust any of the news media for reporting the real crisis facing us, or the truth about what they are reporting. Let us consider the last four years of how the media have depicted the economic crisis. This was the gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression. We the people have not been the primary participants if we rely on the media depiction of it.

The mainstream press focused on a relatively small number of major story lines about the country’s political and financial capitals. Most of the news was about the bankers and the chairman of the Federal Reserve. We the people had to help the banking sector out of the hole that they dug for themselves,  or our capitalism system would fail. It is bloody capitalism for us and socialism for the rich.

Then the auto industry crisis hit the front pages and we the people had to save this industry from itself. In the case of General Motors (Generous Motors) they have been making lousy cars for years and should be out of business, but we the people had to save it.

Then the Republicans started their smoke screen about the deficit which they created, but refuse to take ownership for creating. The news media jumped in with both feet on this, focusing attention on the current Democratic administration’s responsibility to cut spending.

During the past four years, we have seen very little about the unemployed, foreclosed homes, the effect on education and health care costs just to name a few. We the people just don’t count when it comes to the news media. The only things they want from us are our subscriptions and that we buy from their advertisers so that they can protect their rich owners. Maybe we should have rolling boycotts of targeted news media and their major advertiser, so they will recognize how important we are in making the economy work.