November 15th Meeting

We won!!! We’ve got four more years of a Democratic president because you did your part to make it happen! Thanks to you, the 98% of Americans who aren’t billionaires, multimillionaires, or corporations will have the opportunity to pursue their lives with an abler and more humane president than the other party offered as his replacement. So, join us at our next East County Democratic Club meeting on November 15, 2012. We can celebrate and share each other’s company.

Karen Marie Otter, EJD, vice chair of the East County area of the San Diego County Democratic Party, and Bonnie B. Price, Ph.D., co-president of the ECDC, will do an election analysis. We’ll consider national, California, and local elections. We’ll address your questions, as well. No doubt we’ll have different perspectives than you’ve heard from the punditry.

A special feature at our celebration will be the opportunity to recognize our fine candidates, those who were elected or re-elected, as well as some who contended and didn’t achieve their goal. We will show our candidates that we appreciate their dedication to ensuring that democracy remains alive in our land of liberty!

As you know, we meet at Coco’s Restaurant, 1025 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA, our dining/social time begins at 6 p.m., with the program beginning at 7 p.m. Please join us and bring a friend or two, or even more! Let’s fill the place with our celebration!