January 15th Meeting

Our East County Democratic Club meeting is just around the corner on Thursday, January 15, 2015.

We are having an interesting speaker, Etta Keeler who will speak about the ACA..

Etta Keeler is an expert on the tax implications of the Affordable Care Act and will share her expertise gained from learning what the Internal Revenue Service requires when filling an income tax.  A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Ms. Keeler served as Director of Girls Club of San Diego for 34 years before her employment at H & R Block.  http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2015/jan/12/tax-help-democratic-club-meeting/

After a short talk on the subject, she will take questions from the members.  If you have questions, write them down and bring them with you to the meeting.  All questions will be handed to her and she will answer from the podium.  Follow up questions should be direct and to the point since others will also need time for follow up questions.

As you know, our club meets at 6 p.m. for socializing/dining, followed by our speaker at 7 p.m., and our business meeting at 8 p.m.  We meet at Coco’s Restaurant, 1025 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA.  We hope to see you at our club meeting on Thursday, January 15.