2016 Membership Message

A belated, Happy New Year to you, from the East County Democratic Club.
The East County Democratic Club (ECDC) had a very successful 2015. We send a big thank you for making that possible!

First and foremost, 2015 was our 50th anniversary celebration. Our club celebrated throughout the year. We made every event a celebration. We have a new 50th anniversary banner. It was used at all our events, especially at our many voter registration efforts in public venues.

April brought the San Diego County Democratic Party’s annual Roosevelt Dinner. Talented Democrats had us on our feet applauding their comments. We wore gold party crowns and installed 50th anniversary table decorations. All our table guests enjoyed representing ECDC, especially because we were noticed for our 50th celebration! Plus, ECDC donated a 50th anniversary champagne party basket to the auction, which won the most bids of any during the silent auction preceding the dinner.

In August, ECDC members and friends enjoyed a day at the races in Del Mar. We even had our ECDC name posted on the scoreboard! It was an exciting day for all.
From January to December our speakers presented topics our members had an expressed interest in learning about. Each general meeting brought new faces, which increased our membership and brought our club to our membership goal for 2015.

ECDC members worked very hard to increase public awareness of our club in East County. Members attended El Cajon’s America on Main Street, summer Friday night concerts, car shows, and Hauntfest. We registered voters during these events, interacted with our community, but, most importantly, showed that our East County Democratic Club is going strong and is here to stay!

With each new year, it is time to renew your membership, or join as a new one for 2016. Each membership is only $25.00. For couples, dues are $40. All members are very important to our East County Democratic Club. Please support our efforts to continue the great work begun in 2015 on to 2016. This is a major election year, not just nationally, but also locally. So, renew your membership, and show that you stand with us!

Democratically yours,
Diana Picone
East County Democratic Club