50th Anniversary Celebration Day at the Races

Come celebrate with the East County Democrats.  Everyone is invited to attend our 50th Anniversary Celebration Day at the Races. wpdm paddock 3 350 The Clubhouse at Del Mar is ready to host our 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Seats are reserved for great viewing.  Includes program & goodies.  Beating tips will be shared.  Come for great fun and comradary.  Only $12.00 a person.  First come, first served.  Your check is your reservation. RSVP: name(s), address(es), phone(s) and $12 per person. Mail to: P.O.Box 972 El Cajon, CA 92022-0972.  Deadline: August 10, 2015.

What: East County Democrats 50th Anniversary Celebration
When:  August 22, 2015     11 AM till  ??
Where: Del Mar Racetrack, Clubhouse
Cost: $12 a person
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Beginning of Year Message

Dear Democratic Friend,

Having celebrated the year-end holidays, we must return to our work of building a vibrant body politic!  In order to perform this Herculean task, we request that you affiliate or renew your membership in the East County Democratic Club (ECDC).

If you attended our club during the past year, you know that we were extremely active during 2014!  Not only did we participate in our monthly meetings, but we also did the hard work of ensuring that democracy remains alive in our RED areas of San Diego County.   Consider what we did together:

1/  We had fine speakers and programs thought the entire year!   Do you remember the presentation on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) delivered by Dr. Todd Myer from Grossmont College?   Or, if you missed that, do you recall hearing Raymond Lutz, on two hot topics – a/ Who should pay for the decommissioning expenses of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), us or the utility?  b/ Should the City of El Cajon give priority leasing privileges to the Rock Church?  We also heard from our Party Chair Francine Busby and numerous candidates, including Congresswoman Susan Davis, who serves the 53rd Congressional District!  (There were more, but these should suffice to jog your memory.)

2/  We worked as a team to support our endorsed candidates.  We donated to them as a club, and personally, made thousands of phone calls in their behalf for the primary and general elections, and delivered thousands of door hangers, showing the entire Democratic slate relevant to each area of East County.

3/  We attended city council meetings in El Cajon and Santee, to inform elected officials about our opinions on significant subjects.

4/  We participated in San Diego County Democratic Party events, from which we receive our club charter annually.  We also shared in supporting both national and California Democratic Party efforts.

We did a great deal, given that our past president Fotios/Frank Tsimboukakis ran for office while serving as president!

Since we completed these efforts at the end of 2014, we now must turn to our 2015 calendar.  This is our year to expand our club and organize for the 2016 elections.  We need your help to achieve these goals.  So, please use the enclosed envelope to join or rejoin ECDC for 2015!  You may bring the envelope to the meeting on January 15, 2015, or mail it to our post office box.  Thank-you!

In behalf of the entire club,

Bonnie B. Price and Diana Picone, co-presidents


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ECDC Endorsed and Recommended Candidates

San Diego County Democratic Party

Democratic Candidates for the Gubernatorial Primary Election – June 3, 2014

 (To Be Voted Upon by East San Diego County Voters)

U.S. Congress, District 50
James Kimber   www.kimberforcongress.com
U.S. Congress, District 53
Susan Davis*   www.susandavisforcongress.com
Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown*   www.jerrybrown.org
Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom*   www.jerrybrown.org
Attorney General
Kamala D. Harris*   www.kamalaharris.org
Controller  (No endorsement made)
John Perez   www.perezforcontroller.com
Betty Yee   www.bettyyee.com Recommended by Bonnie Price, past president ECDC
John Chiang  www.electjohnchiang.com
Secretary of State (No endorsement made)
Derek Cressman  www.derekcressman.com
Alex Padilla   www.padilla4sofs.com  Recommended by Fotios “Frank” Tsimboukakis, president ECDC
Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones*  www.davejones2014.com
Supertintendent of Public Instruction
Tom Torlakson*   www.tomtorlakson.com
State Senate, District 38
Fotios “Frank” Tsimboukakis  www.fotiosforsenate38.com
State Assembly, District 79
Shirley Weber*   www.drweber4assembly.com
Educational District
County Board of Education, District 3
Alicia Muñoz
San Diego County
Superior Court Judge, Office No. 19
Hon. Michael J. Popkins*  www.electjudgepopkins.com
Superior Court Judge, Office No. 25
Michele Hagan   www.haganforjudge.com
Superior Court Judge, Office No. 20
Carla Keehn  www.carlakeehnforjudge.com
Susan Guinn  www.susanguinn.com
Proposition Recommended Acceptable Candidate – East County Democratic Club
H Yes  (Grossmont Healthcare District) Grossmont Hospital Lease Continuation District Attorney  –  Robert Brewer

Sources: http://www.sddemocrats.org/democratic_candidates.asp and East County Democratic Club Minutes

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Save East County Performing Arts Center meeting with the city manager

From: raylutz@citizensoversight.org
To: saveecpac@citizensoversight.orgkaren.pearlman@uniontrib.com
Subject: [SaveECPAC] Meeting with City Manager, 4:30p 3/18


I am sorry I have not had time nor the foresightedness to arrange a  SaveECPAC meeting in the past several weeks.

After the recent proposed extended lease negotiations with The Rock  Church, I was fortunate to have a meeting with Victor Payan, who has  roots in El Cajon and ECPAC, but who has been running other theaters and  has extensive connections in the entertainment industry. After the  closed-session Rock Church meeting, we have an opportunity to meet with  the City of El Cajon. Victor may be a good choice to manage the theater
or to at least assist in finding a suitable manager.

I set up a meeting with City Manager Doug Williford for 4:30pm next  Tuesday, 3/18. This is an open meeting and you are invited to attend.  Media is also invited. We hope to present a bit of a plan by Victor to the City Manager but due to short notice, the plan will still be in
formative stages until we determine the status of City efforts to reopen the theater.

Let’s meet briefly before this meeting at the tables to the west of city  hall outside the shaded venue at 4pm.

–Ray Lutz

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2013 ECDC Year End Message

Dear Fellow Democrats and Americans:

While 2013 has come to an end, 2014 is ahead and full of hope for better days. As I’ve have said on numerous occasions in the past, what’s done is DONE. Just like time, it does not come back. We have to learn from the past, forgive, remember, and move on.

As I’ve also said before, evolution has an interesting way of working and “taking care of business.” That’s what happened in some aspects of political life in our county, in 2013. One example occurred In the City of El Cajon; what the voters could not achieve in the 2012 election, diversity, came about as a result of a sequence of unfortunate events.

The year 2014 is coming in with many gifts. The primary gift is opportunity to get and BE BETTER. One of these opportunities is to pound the pavement in support of representatives with SUBSTANCE, that will move ALL Americans forward, not just some. Another opportunity offered by 2014 is to put to good use all of the knowledge we have acquired from the past and make the future our friend. We live in the land of opportunity, after all.

In 2014, I encourage all of you to be happy, to smile to your fellow humans, to embrace them, and to continue to inform them about the special knowledge you have acquired through your civic actions. I encourage all of you to be less Nero Roman (wars, food, and entertainment) and more Pericles Athenian (peace, knowledge, culture, and democracy).

In closing, I want to thank everyone who participated in our democracy, our Democratic Party, and our Democratic club. I want everyone to continue to work to make East County and the rest of San Diego County, California, and, consequently, our USA the BEST place to live.

Thank you,

Fotios/Frank Tsimboukakis.
ECDC President

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Guests Canceled

I regret to inform our membership, guests and visitors, that our November guest speakers,the El Cajon City Manager and Assistant Manager have had to cancel due to extenuating circumstances. They have offered to reschedule in the immediate future. I will update you as of the date and time. Thank you.

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ECDC President’s Letter to El Cajon

P.O. Box 972
El Cajon, CA 92022-0972

October 30th, 2013

Dear City Council of El Cajon and Residents:

We are blessed to live in the greatest functioning democracy in the world.  As a travelled immigrant and one that has also lived under an authoritarian regime, I can assure you that there is no greener grass on any other side.  All of us should appreciate that.

In our wonderful system, the government is intended to be “… by the people, for the people, and of the people.”  And that same government needs to ensure that all voices are heard and represented. The same government also needs to, while being honest and transparent with its words, be honest and transparent with its actions as well.

Former Mayors Lewis’s words included words that were, regardless of intent, hurtfully inclusive of innocent people. Now that Mr. Lewis has resigned, the present council is tasked not only with the power to fill his position, but to also correct an unfair situation involving representation.

According to the latest United States Census estimate (2012), the city of El Cajon has 101,435 residents.  Of these 51% are females, 57% are Caucasians (This includes a 42% Iraqi Chaldean population that is not counted separately in the U.S. Census.), 28% are Latinos, 6% are African-Americans, and 8% are a mix of different races and ethnicities.  The city council is entirely composed of Caucasian males.  This fails to represent the entire population of El Cajon.  While this failure IS NOT the present council’s fault, it IS the council’s grand opportunity to correct the lack of representation of these other citizens of El Cajon:  The council can fill the vacancy with a capable person from one of these unrepresented groups, who has shown the interest, knowledge, and desire to contribute to the city’s further improvement.

The East County Democratic Club has endorsed two El Cajon Citizens for the open position at city hall.   One is Mr. Ben Kalasho, who barely lost to Councilman McClellan in the last election.  He has attended and participated in nearly every council meeting since the 2012 election.  He is very informed and caring on city issues.  He is a business owner, an ethnic Iraqi, and a young man.

We also support Ms. Vickie Butcher for consideration for the position.  She is experienced in city operations by virtue of her service on the city planning commission. She is known for her charitable work and for being a capable woman leader.  She is an African-American and a long time resident of El Cajon.

In closing, ECDC thanks the El Cajon City Council for consideration of our endorsed candidates in deciding Mr. Lewis’s replacement.


Frank Tsimboukakis
President of East County Democratic Club.

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June 2013 Message

The East County Democratic Club is proud to announce that we are now enrolled in the California Democratic Party’s Bounty Program. Under the Program, the Club can earn up to $4.50 for every Democratic voter registered by the Club. Therefore, our hard work with our Voter Registration Teams will now directly benefit our Club.


Gordon Bosma is leading the charge with the Voter Registration Teams. We schedule a variety of opportunities to serve on a Team in East County. From manning a registration table at Parkway Plaza to walking the Classic Cruise Car Show in El Cajon, we have an abundance of opportunities to register Democrats in East County.  With the Bounty Program, not only will we benefit by the additional registered Democrats in our area but our Club will benefit from the hard work we put into voter registration.


For opportunities with our Club’s Voter Registration Teams, please see our events listed on my Facebook page and on the Facebook page of the East County Democratic Club.


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April 2013 Message

The East County Democratic Club has six defined purposes listed in our bylaws. For my newsletter message, I would like to expand on one listed purpose each month.

The purpose of this Club is to:
3. To build and maintain a permanent club membership of volunteers looking for ways to support our causes

Our Club has an opportunity to grow exponentially over the next years. With a concerted effort on the part of all members, we can build a great force in East County that wields its power for the good of our communities. We can start by engaging our communities, sharing our successes and leading by example.

We must engage our communities by having a Club presence at events inside and outside of East County. We have a vast geographic area and many opportunities to attend government meetings and local community events. By engaging people in our communities, we have the opportunity to foster camaraderie and develop long-lasting friendships and volunteers for our Club. The smiling faces of our members will attract other Democrats to our group.

When you’re around town, share our successes. Brag to your friends about the development of our Regional Voter Registration Teams. Share information about our candidates and how we work to help them succeed. Liberally distribute our Club’s business cards that have information about our Club meetings. Share our website information. I’ve found that when I start a conversation about Democrats, many people indulge me but it’s a way to get the word out that we actually exist and thrive in East County. Plant the seed and watch it grow.

Being a veteran, I firmly believe in leading by example. Bring a friend to our Club meetings and show them how responsible citizens work to monitor their government. Once your friend sees our can-do attitude, they will return. Someday they may volunteer on a project or even run for office.

Spend an hour with a Regional Voter Registration Team. Brainstorm for fundraising activities, projects that promote the Party and candidate recruitment. We have a great opportunity with nowhere to go but UP!

I have boxes of our Club’s business cards. See me to get a stack. Spread the word about our great East County Democratic Club.


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March 2013 Message

2. Another of our Club’s missions is to inform the electorate regarding candidates and issues with regular meetings. To that end, our Board is working hard to encourage officeholders to attend our meetings and briefly update our members on the governmental activities within their jurisdictions.

We are painfully aware that we have very few Democratic officeholders in East County. Therefore, we are inviting those who hold nonpartisan offices to speak to our members and provide us with the unique opportunity to converse with those who represent us in our government. After all, they represent all citizens within their districts and should speak with and answer to all of us. Of course, we will provide as much notice as we can so we can prepare our lists of questions and/or concerns.

If you have a favorite representative whom you would like to see at our meeting, let us know. We will do our best to get them to a Club meeting to address our members and to answer our questions.


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